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This page is "under construction", but we're ready and able to handle your AUCTION requirements, online or live!


We've been selling items on eBay since August of 1998. Our feedback shows we do business right! We started selling our own collection of plastic and diecast scale model automobiles. That has blossomed into a full-bore consignment business, in which we've offered everything from a boat anchor to a $100,000 CIGAR BOAT! We're an authorized eBay Selling Assistant, which means we can help you sell your items.

We can sell almost anything on eBay, their prohibited items excluded. We have a good success rate, over 50% sell-thru over the past eight years, and higher on automobiles. We have a well-aged Selling Policy that gets everything up front for buyers, so there are no surprises. We handle all of the listing work from photography to final listing. We handle the bidder contacts while the auction runs. We handle the transaction steps when an item is sold: Invoicing, collection, packaging, shipping, and feedback. All you do is collect a settlement check when the transaction is complete, usually less than a week from auction close. And we have an excellent eBay Feedback rating!

Selling a used car can be a pain! We always caution folks that eBay is not necessarily the place to get top dollar. It IS a place to get market value for your vehicle in a short amount of time. This will almost ALWAYS be more than a car dealer will offer you as a trade-in value. And if your vehicle is super cool, very old, custom, or has other unique qualities, eBay is an EXCELLENT place to reach an INTERNATIONAL buying market. If you are interested in having us sell your car or truck, click "Sell Car/Truck" on the left.

We've been working with a local motorcycle parts shop and salvage yard for over three years. It's been a good experience for both of us. We've sold many bikes, resurrecting them just ONE MORE TIME for donating parts or full restorations. These bikes would have gone to the crusher otherwise! And we've sold a lot of ATV's, Jet-skis, even a Snow-Ski bike! Bikes and ATVs have different selling needs, and different eBay requirements and charges. If you have something in this category to sell, click "Sell Cycle/ATV" on the left.

There's a big business in Personal Water Craft! Our relationship with a local motorcycle salvage yard has given us the opportunity to seel some PWCs as well. And we've sold a few larger boats, sailboats, and other watercraft-related items. Shoot, we've even listed a 90MPH cigar boat and a 30-foot cabin cruiser! If you have some form of watercraft that we can sell for you, check out our "Sell Boat/PWC" link on the left.

Top Notch Stuff Specializes in Disposals, Overstocks, Seconds, Obsoletes, Estates, Moving Clearances

Gotta say it! This area is our bread and butter! We sell most of our items for folks who have "just plain stuff" they can't bear to throw out, but they just don't need anymore. Our consignors include companies downsizing into smaller space, companies with overstocks and obsoletes in the warehouse, manufacturers with seconds and samples, developers with prototypes and prototype materials, salvage yards with items that still have some life left in them, auction-go-ers who buy stuff just to have us sell it (YES, THEY DO!), estate executors and survivors who want an estate liquidated, and well... you get the picture.

And we've sold just about everything: From piano innards to old radios. From glass jars to aluminum racks. From doll heads to intake manifolds. From forks and knives to forklifts. From bicycles to banjos. From fishing sonar to medical sonogram machines. And on and on and on...

We do all the technical stuff: taking pictures, researching prices, editing images, posting images on the Web, writing the auction text, posting the auction on eBay, answering bidder questions, invoicing the winner, collecting payment (including PayPal and checks), packaging the items, shipping the items (by FedEx Ground, USPS, or truck), posting feedback for the buyer, and providing you with a detailed settlement for your sale(s).

Our rates are reasonable, certainly lower than most eBay "drop-off" locations that have high overhead. Naturally, if your selling price is low, we're going to get more of it, percentage-wise. But we typically get 25% or less when you're selling items of real value. You can get more detailed information about our fees and processes by clicking on "Other STUFF" on the left.

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