TopNotchStuff's Selling Policies
International We can accept PayPal, see limitations under Payments. Due to eBay's monopolistic Payment Policy Restrictions implemented in 2008, we can ONLY accept PayPal payments.

We will ship international ONLY via US Mail. It's going to be EXPENSIVE to ship from the US to your country! Buyer is responsible for all Customs fees, Duty, or tax that might be levied by receiving country. Insured items can be traced starting 30 days after due date. If your insured item arrives damaged, we cannot reimburse you until a claim is filed and paid by the Insurer, which will require your cooperation, collective cooperation between the USPS and your postal service, and, most likely, considerable time. The amount reimbursed will not exceed the amount paid by the Insurance carrier. It most likely will NOT include the insurance fee, or Customs, Duty, or other border fees. If you choose not to insure, our responsibility ends with providing you a receipt of mailing. You can get estimates for shipping from ebay's shipping calculator on the auction page (if present), or at These are ESTIMATES: the final charge to be paid will be identified on your invoice. Please be aware that YOUR country may regulate the maximum package size, weight, or shape that can come by mail.

Payment Due to eBay's monopolistic Payment Policy Restrictions implemented in 2008, we can ONLY accept PayPal payments.

Payments over $200 must be identified by PayPal as "Eligible" for Seller Protection, which will require (at the very least) a PayPal-Confirmed Shipping Address.

All payments must be received within 5 business days of auction end, or eBay Non-Paying Bidder processes will begin. These include (progressively) a Reminder email, eBay Unpaid Item Reminder, eBay Unpaid Item Report (with Non-Payment Strike), and eBay Negative Feedback.

NOTE: We DO take into account the eBay rating of the bidder in these issues. A high positive feedback (over 50) with (0) "no-pay" negatives MAY get some stretching of our requirements (our choice). Repeat customers will get that same consideration.
Fees If buyer takes possession within the state of Texas, whether via our shipment or pick-up at our location, Texas State Sales Tax of 6.25%-8.25% applies to the total amount of the transaction, including shipping and handling charges. The specific percentage is based on Texas Sales Tax Law, which has some recent changes. Your invoice from TopNotchStuff will have the correct tax amount for the transaction.

Check our auction listings for specific fees that may be incurred. Motorcycle and ATV shipments, as well as large, and/or heavy items, require containers that are expensive, and the cost of materials and labor will be charged to the buyer. If mechanical labor is required for disassembly prior to shipping, it is charged at $25/hour.

Shipping Our shipping fees, either eBay-calculated or flat-rated, may include packaging and handling surcharges. Items requiring an unusually expensive box (that we must purchase or make) may have a box fee identified.

We typically ship items under 3 lbs via USPS Priority Mail or Air Parcel uninsured, and items 3 lbs and over via FedEx Ground or FedEx Home, insured for the value of the auction bid. Small, heavy items may be shipped in a USPS Priority Flat Rate box. We will typically ship via the least-expensive method, and charge accordingly. We do not ship COLLECT, and we do not accept buyer carrier account numbers to charge.

Items over 70 pounds may require a Commercial Business address (not a residence or home business address). Large items (over 150 lbs, over 165 inches length + girth) are usually shipped via LTL truck carrier (USF Reddaway and affiliates), and will usually require some form of packaging and/or pallet activity. The specific auction will usually identify these packaging charges up front. Quotes for truck shipping to your 48-state ZIP code will be provided if the request is submitted at least 24 hours in advance of the auction close, unless we specifically state in the auction text that we cannot provide shipping quotes. We encourage our buyers of large items to obtain competitive quotes on their own. NOTE: Motorcycles and ATVs require draining fluids, and a closed crate, which we custom build for a stated fee plus the shipping.

We will not ship items over 100 lbs internationally. Some countries limit weight further, down to 44 lbs for USPS! We encourage international buyers to employ freight forwarders in the US heavier shipments.

PLEASE: Do not ask us to FALSIFY EXPORT DOCUMENTS, we will not do it!

Motorcyles and ATV's (and other heavy or large items) can be very expensive to ship. We've had a number of bidders renege on their bids when they "discovered" the cost of getting 200-500 lbs shipped from Dallas to their respective locations. We offer ways to mitigate that cost, but we cannot change the cost of shipping.

You have some choices:
1) have us remove the parts you need at our $25/hour shop fee, minimum one hour, plus the cost of packaging materials and shipping what you need,
2) pay for the item and tax due, and we will hold your unit for up to six weeks for pickup by you or your agent,
3) have us break the unit down into smaller shipping units and ship multiple boxes, paying our $25/hour shop fee, packaging materials, and shipping fees,
4) have us ship the entire unit on a pallet that we construct specifically for your unit, including new tiedown straps and a double-weight corrugated cardboard cover, fee is $75-100 depending in weight and size,
5) pay us to haul the item(s) to your location, or a meeting point in between, for $0.90 per mile (one-way distance) for loads that fit in a short-bed pickup, or $1.20 for loads requiring a trailer. Note we will haul as many of our sold items for the single mileage rate as can fit safely on the vehicle! No pallet or packaging fees necessary for our own hauls. Do not consider this alternative if time is critical, as we will schedule the trip within 60 days of payment.

Please note that heavy and oversize shipments usually must go to a commercial business address. Most carriers do NOT accept a residence with a business name as a commercial business.

We do NOT consider unexpected shipping costs a valid reason for a bidder to renege on an auction. If you are concerned about the cost of shipping, and you cannot get an estimate that is satisfactory, DON'T BID. Please note that, unless we have a FLAT-RATE shipping price listed in the auction, eBay's Shipping Calculator provides ESTIMATED SHIPPING COSTS, not shipping quotes. Many times the actual costs cannot be determined until the item is packaged, weighed, and measured. We do not negotiate labor time or cost, or quoted packaging or crating rates, and cannot discount shipping rates provided by common or package carriers. We ship our sold items as an add-on service to our buyers; it is not how we make money. We encourage our buyers to obtain their own quotes and arrange their own shipping of items over 150 lbs.

If you purchase an item from us specifying local pickup, and do not pick it up within six weeks (42 days from end of auction), we will begin charging $3.00 per day storage fees. Once the storage fees exceed the bid value of the item, it will be declared "abandoned", and will be re-sold for recovery of fees. This applies to unpaid and paid items alike! We are NOT a storage facility!
Delivery We typically ship twice weekly, and if we have certified or cleared funds at packaging time, we will ship product. There are weeks when we ship only once; we need a break, too! An exception is when the product requires special packaging or handling, in which case shipment might be delayed by as much as 15 business days. We direct FedEx to email your tracking number(s) for your ground shipment(s) to your ebay contact email address. When we use USPS, we typically obtain Delivery Confirmation services, but no tracking services.
Refunds & Returns If the product is lost or damaged in shipping, and the item is insured, the buyer is responsible for preserving the shipping container and item for inspection. Buyer must contact TopNotchStuff by email [claims @] within 7 days of delivery to qualify for damage refunds. TopNotchStuff will file a damage claim with the carrier. The item may be picked up by the carrier for inspection or return to us before the claim can be processed. For United States deliveries, TopNotchstuff will refund the full auction payment if the claim is a valid one, whether the carrier or TopNotchStuff is responsible. For international deliveries, see policy in the International box. If the buyer does not elect insurance when it is optional, we are not responsible for loss or shipping damage. Period.

If the product shipped does not match the images in the auction (other than shipping damage), we will refund the purchase price of the item, plus the actual shipping charges, less insurance. If the auction does not specifically guarantee application of the product, we do not guarantee it will fit any particular item. PLEASE READ OUR AUCTION TEXT CAREFULLY BEFORE BIDDING. We will not refund if you file negative feedback. Returns must be authorized BEFORE you ship. If you choose not to insure on return, and the item is damaged or lost, we will NOT refund.

Items must be returned in same condition as shipped, all packaging intact, all components and documents included.

Within five business days after receipt and verification of return contents, refund payments will be processed via business check or PayPal, depending on method used to pay originally. If return is due to our error, we'll refund return shipping if provided receipt(s). We do NOT refund insurance fees or handling fees.
Contact Us EMAIL [eBayDesk @] is the best way to interact with Top Notch Stuff (RKP Enterprises). That way we have a track of the transaction, with no lapses of memory on either side. We typically respond to email same day, although there might be a delay over weekends or holidays. This is a home business, and we are "open" whenever we are home. We will have email capabilities if we are away from home, but on a more restricted schedule. If you are expecting email from us, and do not get it, our email to you is probably BLOCKED.

We can generally be reached at 972-734-2392 daytime 9am to 9pm Central Time Zone. Sorry, we cannot guarantee that we will return your call. We will NOT return calls outside the Continental United States. EMAIL IS BEST! Read that again... EMAIL IS BEST!