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SATURDAY, 29 APRIL 2006, 10 AM
1320 Millwood, McKinney, TX

Testronics has been our good customer for many years, back when we sold computer systems and software in the 1980's. They've been a leader in electronic manufacturing quality control equipment. Like all others, the industry is getting smaller. Smaller like 200 lb video inspection machines instead of 4 ton mechanical ones. So there was no need for all this stuff, and no need for all the floorspace. They've moved to smaller facilities, and this stuff, old, obsolete, and just not needed, was on the block!

Their 37,000 square-foot facility was plenty large enough to hold the auction, rain or shine. We opened the doors Saturday at 8am to allow viewing of the items offered. You can click "Photo Gallery" on the left to see the images we took of the items offered. THIS PAGE WILL TAKE CONSIDERABLE TIME TO LOAD!

And look at what we offered! There were office desks of several varieties, qualities, size, and condition. To go with them, there was a variety of office and workstation chairs. Oh, and credenzas, bookshelves, printer stands, desk lamps, coat racks, power strips, floor pads, even an office refrigerator. There were also office work-order racks, two-drawer and four-drawer file cabinets. Six or eight cantilevered magnifying fluorescent workstation lamps (go ahead, say that three times really fast!) We also offered computers, printers, modems, keyboards, mice, and other peripherals.

There was a great network cabinet. There was a 20+ station NORTEL telephone system with music-on-hold port. YES, the phones and manuals, all of it went as one package, worked fine on removal day! And there was another smaller phone system controller and battery system, condition unknown. There was an expensive conference-room conference-call hardware package. There were some support items, like mops, buckets, brooms, carts, fire extinguishers, air hose, water hose.

More meat? There was a parts room with four aisles of shelving, full of new electronic and mechanical parts. It was a dream-room chock-full of gadgets and gee-gaws that any fabricator would have chewed his knuckles for! There were rolls of SMT, SMR, SMC devices. Rolls of resistors, capacitors, transistors. All kinds of IC's. All kinds of wire, from fine hookup to heavy cable. There were plastic and aluminum cabinet fabrication parts. We saw screw drives, servos, steppers, brass and plastic pneumatic fittings and hose. There were parts boxes, bins, and variations of plastic bags for parts. And there was the parts-room shelving, LOTS of it, had to be dismantled by the buyers!

There was MORE! How about warehouse items like portable stairs, ladders, a pallet-jack? There were box fans, WorkMates, project carts, and a variety of manufacturing workstations. There were dozens of long folding tables, some with drawers. Most of these went to a local church! And there was nice warehouse shelving (not pallet racks!)

The R&D guys left some stuff behind, too! Two Tektronix oscilloscopes, power supplies, frequency counter, Fluke meters, Attenuator set, and various testing systems and accessories. Several professional-grade Volt-Ohm Meters.

There were THREE OUTBUILDINGS in the rear of the property, no one made an offer! The largest is 12 x 8 x 11 high, HD Steel construction. If you're interested, hurry and contact us, you could still own any of them! See the pictures for views of these buildings, and plan on bringing your trailer and tools.

The auction is OVER, but there is a considerable amount of the furniture STILL available. The company will end up donating it or scrapping it if not sold. We saw several good desks, workstations, credenzas, bookshelves, printer stands, still waiting for a home. Contact us if you wish to purchase one or more of these items.


Doors opened Saturday, April 29 at 8am, auction started PROMPTLY at 10am. We were done selling around 2:30. Plenty of paved parking. We had excellent food, provided by the local Sonny Bryant BBQ: coffee and pastry in the early hours, and BBQ and smoked sausages on a stick for lunch! Most items were removed before 6pm lockup auction day, the rest was retrieved the following week.

In all, the auction was a fine event. Our consignor sold a large amount of stock that had to go, along with a bit of furniture and a number of tools and equipment. We had 22 registered bidders, a small auction, but nearly every bidder card bought at least one item! If you were there, we thank you for your patronage!


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