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Ken Patrick, the principle at Top Notch Stuff, is a licensed Texas Auctioneer, license number 013322. This license requires annual ongoing education to keep up with laws, regulations, and new trends in the business. This means we're READY if you have a lot of items to move in a short amount of time, and want market price for them. We sell locally in both live and online venues.

A live auction means people come to see, touch, and bid on your items on a single sale day. It's a great social event, and folks get stirred up into the action while bidding. No one likes to watch a great deal go for too little, and a live auction maximizes the realized prices based on that.

We held a HUGE auction in 2004 of a local motorcycle salvage yard that covered over 30 acres of ground, and sold it ALL in one day. There were 177 registered bidders, and over half of them bought items! The seller was ecstatic to get "out of the business" in a weekend's-time! And the handsome settlement check made retirement look a whole lot easier. Not to mention all the satisfied customers who drove away with items piled high in their cars and trucks. A LIVE auction is a social event that everyone loves! Ask anyone who's participated as a bidder in a live auction; they'll tell you it was a BLAST! Then talk to the seller. They'll tell you it was fast, easy, and fun.

We use a powerful, well-established local ONLINE auction host when offering items in an online format. Its format allows us to include quality images and descriptions of each and every item offered. The real beauty of the local ONLINE auction is that your potential buyers can come see the items before bidding. It's LOCAL! And when the bidding's done, your bidders can drive on over, pay, and pick their stuff up! It couldn't be simpler! It sure beats months of "going out of business" sales. It sure beats weekends of yard sales where most of the stuff is moved back into the garage. It sure beats weeks of "Estate Sales" where a few items sell for a good price, and the rest is desperately given away to the Estate Sale company. It sure beats $$$ spent on newspaper ads, answering phones, and wasting time with tire kickers.

If you have an interest in having RKP Enterprises conduct an auction on your behalf, live or online, click on the link "Local Auctions" for more information.


These auctions are OVER, but some folks like to browse anyway! Click on the links below to see the details and photo galleries for each upcoming auction.

Week of FEB 1, McKinney, TX

Our consignor had us conduct a living estate sale online, as he was moving to another area. We offered over 500 lots, and sold all but 50 lots. The unsold items were donated to local charities.


The family joined households, resulting in a fantastic sale on a beautiful May day!

SATURDAY, 29 April, 10AM, McKinney, TX.

Our consignor had a huge manufacturing facility full of obsolete, overstock, and prototype electronic and robotics parts, plus all the extra furniture, tools, and equipment left from a significant physical plant size reduction. We had some very low bidding, but we met most of the sales expectations for this auction, and everyone had FUN!

SATURDAY, 5 June, 10AM, Caddo Mills, TX.

Our consignor had a 30+ acre motorcycle salvage yard! She wanted it "GONE", and so it was in 10 marathon hours of dual auctioneers selling everything on the grounds!

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