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TopNotchStuff into its TENTH YEAR!

We've been selling items on eBay since August of 1998. Our feedback shows we do business right! We started selling our own collection of plastic and diecast scale model automobiles. That has blossomed into a full-bore consignment business, in which we've offered everything from a boat anchor to a $100,000 CIGAR BOAT! We're an authorized eBay Selling Assistant, which means we can help you sell your items.

To check out our current items on ebay, both in the store and at auction, click "eBay Store Link". You'll have the opportunity to select categories of items there so you don't have to thrash around in the weeds looking at stuff in which you have no interest. Notice that you can sequence the items by ending time, bid price, and other criteria. We'd be pleased if you scrolled down the left margin on our store page and signed up for any of our newsletters. We've even got an RSS feed if that's your bag: check the bottom of any store page.

EBay allows its members to maintain a page with information about the member. It's called the "About Me" page. You can get to it by clicking on the "ME" icon on any eBay page that has it, or you can click on the "eBay 'About Me' Page" tab on the left of this page. Our maintenance of that page, and this one, for that matter, might be a bit behind, but we're prompt when there's news!

It's inevitable that somewhere, some place, we must post our selling policies for eBay transactions. It's just as inevitable that some poor buyer won't read the whole thing, and get upset when he's caught with a surprise. It can't be helped, but we're posting our Policies here as an additional path, so no one can say they couldn't find it! Click on "Our eBay Policies", if you really want the details (or you're trying to get to sleep!)

Oh, yes! No self-respecting purveyor of automobiles, motorcycles, player pianos, model cars, and other sundries would be satisfied without some form of archive to show what's been done in the past for our consignors! So click on the "Sold Items Portfolio" button to get a gander at some of the amazing things we've offered and sold over the years. BE PREPARED, THO! THIS IS A HUGE PAGE, No fancy work to reduce the size of all the images. Sorry about that!

Finally, we solicit your business as a consignor. Whether you're local and have a motorcycle to sell, or somewhere else and need us to sell your item, we're ready! We've got experience at offering some 4000 DIFFERENT items. We take all of our own photographs (if you're local), process them digitally, and post them on our own host site. We research the item and compose and post the auctions on eBay. We deal with the bidders, collection, and shipping (for locals). You just provide the item and we send a check when it's sold. It's simple! Click on "We'll Sell Your Stuff" to learn more!

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